Essential Tips for Cooking Meat Perfectly

Essential Tips for Cooking Meat Perfectly

It does not matter what you are buying, a basic rule you should know is that quality always costs more. Meat also falls into that category. You will often get what you pay for. If it is your first time cooking meat and you want to maximise the meat’s flavour without much effort, it is highly recommended to pay extra to ensure it is of the highest quality. 

It is best to avoid the cheaper options since they are likely to be lower in quality. When looking for the right cut of beef or pork, search for the highest content fat marbling. It may cost a little more than you would like, but the taste will be worth it. Here are the essential tips for cooking meat perfectly. 

1. Utilise a Meat Thermometer

If you are looking for the most straightforward and easiest way to tell if the meat is ready for eating, just get a meat thermometer. Typically, whole beef cooking is completed once it internally reaches about 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Fresh ham and pork must also reach an internal temperature of around 145 degrees Fahrenheit. In comparison, all poultry needs to reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit internal temperature before the dish is ready to eat. Similarly, meat thermometers can also prove to be handy if you want to reach a specific level of completion, such as medium-rare or medium-well. 

2. Do Not be Scared to Touch the Meat

This might sound obvious, but getting over nausea about touching raw meat can make a significant difference if you are trying to take your cooking to the next level. Not touching it will make it difficult for you to rub the seasoning in or poke chicken or steak to test doneness. It goes without saying that you must follow good kitchen hygiene while you are working with raw meat. Before and after handling the meat, wash your hands. Do not forget to appropriately sanitise the surfaces as well as tools that come into direct contact with uncooked meat. 

3. Allow Your Meat to Rest After Cooking

Whether it is beef or steak, each one of them will taste significantly better if you allow it to stand on a plate or cutting board for a while before serving. This will permit the meat juices that were driven to the centre of a roast through searing heat to make their way back to the surface. This will lead to tastier and juicier meat. It is highly recommended to leave the cutting board as well as cover out near the grill. This will remind you to let the meat chill for a while before plating it up. 

4. Use your Oven

If you are short on time and cannot fully grill your meat but would still like to impress your guests, it will be ideal to split the work between the oven and grill. This will help you get a visually appealing meal on the table quickly. To speed up the cooking time, you can simply put the meat on the grill till it shows grill marks. Follow up with transferring it to the oven to ensure it cooks fully and evenly. 

Wrapping Up

Cooking meat does not have to be a hectic task. You can easily do so if you acquire appropriate knowledge. Use the tips mentioned in this article to ensure you prepare a tastier and juicier meat.

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